Antti Auvinen (FI)

Nulla Salus

Finnish composer Antti Auvinen is an explorer of timbre and rhythm. He has thus far composed works for a range of ensembles, solo instruments and orchestra. When composing for acoustic instruments he has always been interested in different kinds of instrumental timbres, as well as non-traditional combinations of instruments and playing techniques.

Auvinen creates and dissolves musical tensions by means of rhythmical devices. Using polyrhythmic and polypulsational effects he creates an impression of musical direction in his works. With rhythm and timbre he creates identities for musical units, which are still recognizable although every detail of them may change. Simultaneous rhythmic situations are presented as different layers in his scores and powerful, energetic tensions are typical of his compositional language. Although Auvinen’s attitude towards composition is modernistic, he does not neglect emotional tensions, which play a very important part in his works.

Auvinen’s compositions have been performed at several festivals in the Nordic countries and in various countries in Europe, and have also been heard in the USA, Australia and Japan. Auvinen collaborates frequently with many artists, ensembles and festivals that specialize in new music.

Nulla Salus (2002) was written for recorder player Erik Bosgraaf and guitarrist Izhar Elias. It got its first performance in 2002 at Lux Musicae Festival in Siuntio, Finland.

Lecture 3, thursday 3.9. klo 12.00, Pohjoismainen kulttuuripiste
Concert 5, friday 4.9. klo 20.30, Vapaan Taiteen Tila