Dante Thelestam (FI)

Baba panda

Writing a work for percussion proved out to be a long and unpredictable process. In 2010 I was originally writing a percussion trio but left the piece unfinished in favour of other projects. Much later, in autumn 2013, I explored the drafts again but decided to start composing from scratch. After a long break the most important source of inspiration seemed to be the irregular pitter­patter of rain and drops of water. Composing started by listening to different dry sound sources – knitting needles and table tennis balls were constantly on my work desk. Finally the main idea for the work proved to be simple. The two percussion players play mostly almost in unison but small differences in rhythm result in irregular patterns and overrall pitter­patter.

Dante Thelestam (b. 1990) is studying composition at the Sibelius­Academy with Tapio Tuomela and Juhani Nuorvala as teachers. During 2009–2011 he studied at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Thelestam has written music for small chamber groups and solo instruments. He is an amateur kantele player and has premiered works by Finnish composition students.

Concert 3, Thursday 3.9. 19.00, Camerata, Musiikkitalo