Kajsa Lindgren (SE)

Daugthers & Sons

Kajsa Lindgren is a composer educated in both western contemporary art music and electroacoustic composition. She is currently finishing her bachelor in electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.

With a great interest in exploring different auditory relationships within specific environments, her compositions has become more focused on sound field recording and developing an eco-acoustic perspective within her music.

The piece Daughters & Sons was first performed at Audiorama, Stockholm, in spring 2013. It consists of three parts Sons, Daughters and No Fear and is heavily influenced by the equality debate that went on during the time it was made and of the thoughts it brought up within herself and others.
The material is mostly based on samples of recordings from a feministic debate that took place during the 1970’s, and in the last of the three parts you can hear Lotta Lindgren on vocals.

Concert 1, Tuesday 1.9. 20.00, Black Box, Musiikkitalo