Martin Stauning (DK)

Where We Are There Is No Here

The memory of things that never happened.
The futile repetitions of life imitating life.
Remnants of musical cohesion by way of fractured time and melody.
Recalcitrance versus resignation.

Often initiated by images and ideas of abandoned places or entities no longer utilised for their original purpose, Martin Stauning’s work centers on the notion of being­in­sound as the means of conveying a music that is the sounding image of music, rather than a sonoric representation of a concrete idea. In his solo sound performances, which he insists on performing himself, he works with physical manipulation of sound through bodily interaction with the surroundings, thus using the Composer as a prop among props, rejecting the understanding of composer as auteur, but reverting to an almost classical understanding of composer as performer.

Martin Stauning is a graduate of The Royal Danish Academy of Music and is a pupil of Hans Abrahamsen, Bent Sørensen and Niels Rosing­Schow. He has served as chairman of Young Nordic Music (UNM) and is the recipient of Robert Russel’s Memorial Grant and artist residencies from Dansk Tennis Fond and Danish-American National Cultural Exchange (DANCE).

Concert 2, Wednesday 2.9. 17.00,Organo, Musiikkitalo