Matti Heininen (FI)


My work Pisaratekniikka (“Drop Technique”) for soprano, bass clarinet and violoncello is composed to a text by Finnish poet Risto Oikarinen. The poem is included in his collection Värioppi: pisaratekniikka; tulkoon seepianruskea mustepisara ja kolme mustekalan sydäntä ja silmät, ne eivät pisaroi; tulkoot taivaalle tummat pilvet ja parittelevien tervapääskyjen nopeat silmät ja sydämet; tulkoon havupuun siivilöimä sadepisara ja sadetta pitävän ihmisen sydän ja silmien hopea, ja hylkyhopea: pisara ilman syytä
kuin tunnettu maailma.

An initial compositional idea for the work was the idea of a line which is comprised of dots, ie. drops. A line (in Finnish “viiva”) is different from a line segment (in Finnish “jana”) in that it has no beginning nor an end. To work out an idea of this kind in music is difficult, if not impossible, while music by its nature is always connected to time. It comes from somewhere and goes somewhere, the departure from the temporal dimension is manifested in moments.

Thus, when composing out movement that has a direction, but no beginning nor an end, one has to work against the chronological nature of music. In this piece, linear lines of force that are initially disjointed from the temporal dimension, are concealed in musical situations of nonlinear character. The lines are decomposed to dots.

The purpose behind this idea is to reach a kind of balance between fulfillment and unpredictability, that obeys not the laws of pure calculation, but those of art.

Concert 4, Friday 4.9. 18.00, Balder Hall