Piotr Peszat (DK)

Birth of Venus

born in 1990 in Cracow, graduated with a distinction from the Music Academy in Cracow after composition studies with Krzysztof Meyer. At present is doing his masters at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in Simon Steen-Andersen’s class and PhD at the Music Academy in Cracow in Magdalena Długosz’s class.

Peszat participated in workshops and festivals where his composition were presented: Ostrava days (Ostrava 2011), Nature meets Music (Görlitz 2011-12), workshops with Jack Quartet (Copenhagen 2013), workshops with Esbjerg Ensemble (Esbjerg 2014), GeoSounds – as a composition teacher (Leipzig, Dresden 2012-2014), Pulsar festival (Copenhagen 2014), RAMA festival (Aarhus 2014), Aarhus Jazz Festival (Aarhus 2014), Warsaw Autumn (Warsaw 2014), China Day Music Festival (Copenhagen 2014), Klassenarbeit – workshops with Ensemble Recherche (Freiburg 2014). In December 2013 he was awarded the prize of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for the best students. On the late July 2013 Piotr won Roche Young Commissions Composition Competition in Lucerne. He got commission for an orchestra piece, which will be performed during 77. Lucerne Festival in 2015.

Peszat won a competition organized by Ensemble MusikFabrik in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz Institute and as a one of four polish composers took part in workshops with MusikFabrik in November 2014. On September 2014 Peszat won international competition MCI Meeting Competition in Copenhagen. On December 2014 Piotr together with a polish painter Katarzyna Feiglewicz won Competition for an Artistic Residency in Fljótstunga (Iceland). During residency they are going to prepare installation ‘Inside Earth Outside’.

Concert 3, Thursday 3.9. 19.00, Camerata, Musiikkitalo