Ricardo Eizirik (SE)

Music while waiting/music while working

Ricardo Schermann Eizirik (1985, Ribeirão Preto – Brazil) is a composer with an extended artistic production. Both in his musical output as well as in his collaborative/interdiciplinary work he has shown a great deal of concern with sociocultural issues and with the spaces in which art and music are shown/reproduced and perceived.

Alongside his musical output he has held a long lasting artistic collaboration artists Swami Silva (BR/CH) and Nuria Krämer (ES/DE). Complementing his academic studies (Bachelor in Composition and a double Masters: composition and transdisiplinarity) Ricardo has also participated in several workshops and Master classes with composers, musicians and artists such as Helmut Lachenmann, Klaus Lang, Manos Tsangaris, Simon Steen-Andersen, Dmitri Kourliandski, Georges Aperghis, Peter Ablinger, Beat Furrer and the collective UltraRed.

His works have been performed internationally and in several Festivals by (among others) ensemble Collegium Novum (CH), ensemble Recherche (DE), Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (DE), ensemble Eunoia (CH), ensemble Platypus (A), ensemble NEON (NO), soundinitiative (FR), Karolina Öhman (SW), Reinhold Friederich (DE) and Robyn Schulkowsky (DE).

Concert 6, Saturday 5.9. 14.00, Almi Hall, Finnish National Opera