Sauli Zinovjev (FI)

Pianokvartetto “Chasse-Neige”

Sauli Zinovjev (b. 1988) has studied composition since 2010 under guidance of Tapio Nevanlinna in SibeliusAcademy, Helsinki. The semesters 2013-14 Zinovjev attended ERASMUS program in HfMKarlsruhe prof. Wolfgang Rihm as his teacher. In November 2014 Zinovjev’s orchestral work Gryf was awarded the 3rd prize in the 3rd international Uuno Klami composition competition.
So far Zinovjev’s works have been performed by Ensemble Recherche, Avanti!, Kymi Sinfonietta and Uusinta ensemble.

“In Pianoquartet ”ChasseNeige” my approach was some what orchestral aiming to create a delicate, full and flowing like sound image. The piece consists of waves that are swelling into different moods and situations. Traditional chamber music like dialogue flashes by only once in a fastly bypassed situation before the music is forced back to the organic climb towards the rising tension.

The subtitle ”ChasseNeige” refers to Franz Liszt’s identically titled last piece of monumental collection of 12 Transcendental Studies for piano. Liszt’s sense of musical drama and capability of communicating atmospheres has been a great inspiration in my own work in general.”

Concert 4, Friday 4.9. 18.00, Balder Hall