Sebastian Hilli (FI)


Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1990. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in composition the Sibelius Academy Helsinki with Lauri Kilpiö, he spent a year at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with prof. Michael Jarrell as his teacher. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in composition with prof. Veli-­Matti Puumala.

His works have been performed both in Finland and abroad, including Oslo, Vienna, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Dresden, Freiburg and Helsinki at various festivals.

Ensembles such as Avanti!, Zagros, Curious Chamber Players, Esbjerg Ensemble, Cikada, Ensemble Mise­en, Ensemble Recherche and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra have played his music.

Hilli was chosen as one of the four finalists in the Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2015 by the judge Kaija Saariaho with his work Reachings for orchestra.

The English word Hypha is derived from the Greek ”Huphe” meaning web or fabric, most commonly used in reference to the vegetative part (mycelium) of fungi. The name alludes to the structure of the composition as well as its compositional premises. Like the several, consecutive cells forming a large mass of branching, thread­like hyphae, I see my composition being made up of strictly exclusive ideas or cells forming a widening fabric.

”Web­likeness” doesn’t only describe the underlying structure of the music, but also its sonic surface. The work is in constant motion, ceaselessly expanding and developing.

The piece is written for Ensemble Recheche and was premiered at the Time of Music Festival 2015 in Viitasaari.

Concert 4, Friday 4.9. 18.00, Balder Hall