Tintin Hamrin, Viola Martinsson (SE)


In 2012 we worked in the same bakery in Stockholm. The air was full of newly baked bread, sweet pastries and coffee. Amidst all that we one day realized that we both shared a need of creating and to communicate through music. So we became Tiotusen Vilda Hästar (Ten thousand wild horses).
Always keeping an open mind set, letting it all flow in the direction it wants to, never disturb the horses only follow. We combine our songs with videos, trying to give the songs their own universe. In performances we want this universe to expand and draw people in, because we are all wild horses.

Our song Måsar (ni är äckliga och du är inte så fin som jag trodde) is an example of us letting the horses run free. The song took turns we didn’t expect, turns we could not have forced if we would have wanted to, but for which we are very grateful.

Concert 1, Tuesday 1.9. 20.00, Black Box, Musiikkitalo