Tze Yeung Ho (NO)

Ingest thrice, as prescribed

Tze Yeung Ho (b. 1992) has spent the previous year relocating to his native city of Oslo after residing in Canada for 14 years. He holds a bachelor of music degree in composition from the University of Toronto. His mentors in composition include Asbjørn Schaathun, Gary Kulesha, Sasha Weinstangel and James Rolfe. Having grown up as a second-generation immigrant in the far north of Norway, as a ætourist-with-the-right-of-abode’ in urban Hong Kong and as a grudging commuter-suburbanite in metropolitan Toronto, his interests in postcolonial and diasporic themes in contemporary art and music has indubitably much to do with his upbringing. Aside from music, Tze Yeung is perpetually a student in five languages: English, Norwegian, Cantonese, French and Estonian.

Ingest thrice, as prescribed: flirts with three lethal poisons: arsenic, cyanide and strychnine. The piece is originally requested to be written by Canadian saxophonist Kevin Shen.

Concert 7, Saturday 4.9. 17.00, Helsinki Conservatory of Music