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On Friday the festival audience visits sound art work performed all around central Tampere. In Hyperrealities, the Norwegian composer Martin Hirsti-Kvam extends sounds from Hämeenpuisto park electronically. Katrín Ólafsdóttir’s Runner of the Showinvades a local gym while Hildur Elísa Jónsdóttir’s performance enters the Pyhäjärvi lake.‘Friday is a diverse array of performances and sound art works, which extend beyond a concert setting. We will glimpse into alternative forms of experiencing music around Tampere – and perhaps gain a new insight into what contemporary music can be!’ rejoices producer Tytti Arola. Petri Kuljuntausta’s new sound installation is housed in Galleria Koppelo, alongside video works by Riikka Talvitie and Nilz Brolin. UNM’s partner festival, Tartu Interditsiplinaar is organised simultaneously with UNM. The festivals are linked by an installation located in Galleria Koppelo.

Sound walk: GOGO Gym, Artspace Pelto, Galleria Koppelo, Hämeenpuisto Park, Eteläpuisto Park Pier

  • Hyperrealities

    Martin Hirsti-Kvam (NO)

  • Heinä

    Riikka Talvitie (FIN)

  • Omakuva

    Riikka Talvitie (FIN)

  • Knife’s edge

    Nils Brolin(SE)

  • new work

    Petri Kuljuntausta (FIN)

  • Runner of the Show

    Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir(IS)

  • Konzert für Spielzeug und Schwimmbad

    Hildur Elísa Jónsdóttir(IS)


Start End Cost Category
August 28, 2020 12:00pm August 28, 2020 6:00pm free