Margrét Agnes Iverse
Margrét Agnes Iversen
International Girls is a collaboration between the two artists, Margrét Agnes Iversen and Cilla Leitao. They both graduated from The Jutland Art Academy, and have since 2014 joined forces in this group that works in the cross-field between experimental music, performance and poetry. They do not commit to a specific musical inventory, but their work often includes a mix between electronic and acoustic instruments such as keyboards, pedals, xylophones, brass instruments and various homemade instruments. When they perform in a musical setting, they often take the audience along on an auditory journey, that fluctuates between dreamy and scary landscapes, happy and sad places. As a group they often work with ‘the duo’ as a concept and try to blur the line between themselves as individuals. They often incorporate elements of rituals and the use of props such as fruits, flowers or candlelights in their performances. When they perform, they work either within a very tight system or in a form that leaves room for improvisation. From creating a phonetic piece using Google Translate, to making cover songs from broken hearted love songs, the audience and the energies of the place always has a huge impact on how the work is performed.