Granlund & Linnovaara

Annika Granlund has a degree in Theatre Music and Music Drama from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (2019). At present she studies improvisation as her main subject in Lucerne, Switzerland. Suvi Linnovaara is a reed instrument enthusiast and an explorer of musical genres in several groups. Linnovaara has studied classical saxophone in Tampere, Helsinki and Paris. Since their early days as a sax-tuba duo playing evergreens at the Tammelantori market square in Tampere, their mutual excitement to search the unknown in music has developed their duo into an open-minded and innovative unit. In summer 2015 they received funding from Finnish Cultural Foundation for a concert trip to Paris with percussionist Tiia Toivanen. The concert program consisted of Finnish music, new and old, composed and arranged for the trio. Their recent duo concert was at the Tampering festival in 2019 which included improvisation and experimental music. In the end of the year 2019 Granlund and Linnovaara formed an international improvisation group G & L Extended, which had its first concerts in January 2020 in Space for Free Arts, Helsinki, and at Telakka Jazz festival, Tampere. A recorded live album of these gigs will be released later in 2020.