Nemanja Lakicevic
Nemanja Lakicevic
Nemanja Lakicevic (b. 1992) is a Norwegian composer whose musical endeavour started with the jazz-guitar. The growing interest for contemporary music has prompted him to study composition privately with conductor and composer Rolf Gupta, and later on pursue studies at the Greig Academy in Norway with Morten Eide Pedersen. Nemanja holds a Bachelor’s degree in composition from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he has studied with Pär Lindgren and Per Mårtensson. He has participated in masterclasses with Mark Andre, Zygmunt Krauze, Johannes Kreidler and Martin Bresnick.

Nemanjas music explores different styles, aesthetics and approaches to composition with an increasing focus on the morphology of sounds from contrasting gestures to unity without contrast.

I.Con Fuoco
II.Quasi una Fantasia