Tampering Ensemble

Tampering Ensemble was founded in 2015 to serve the needs of the young composers organisation Tampering ry in Tampere.

Tampering Ensemble gathers together enthusiastic and ambitious musicians who share a strong inspiration to perform and interpret contemporary music. It consists of 17 musicians, but also performs in smaller chamber music groups and can be expanded to a chamber orchestra. The ensemble has premiered numerous new works from Finnish composers such as Ilkka Hammo, Timo Kittilä and Henri Sokka, but the repertoire also includes notable 20th century classics from Schoenberg to Berio. Over the years Tampering Ensemble has collaborated with the Finnish Korvat Auki ry (Society for Contemporary Music), Tampere Biennale and various other Finnish festivals. Maja Metelska, Okko Kivikataja, Tuomas Turriago, Markus Yli-Jokipii, and Janne Valkeajoki, to name a few, have been conducting for the ensemble.